Allard Spencer Harding Preston de Novo Mansfield-Rylan IV

Noble half-elf bastard & outcast


Rogue 1/Bard 1
Chaotic good


Allard was born in the woods amidst the nestling hills of the Garroday valley, the flower of a brief meeting between a playful wood elf and a minor human noble of the Valiant, both boisterous in the vigour of their youth. When the elf emerged from the forest once again a little over a year later, the young lord was shocked to come upon her with a babe in tow; but, being a kind and honourable man, he took his young son into his household and raised him as his own, even going so far as to bless him with his revered grandfather’s name – an honour not deemed fitting for a bastard, and certainly not a half-breed, but Lord Allard III was a well-loved man. Dissent was minor, and when it arose it was murmured.

Allard’s young years on the Rylan Estate were idyllic, and he still harbours fond memories of stealing food from the kitchens, stealing games with the servants as they brushed off work, and of playing the violin against the rushing banks of the Oremir river. However, such times are not meant to last. As Allard aged and his father’s continued love for him became all the more apparent, Allard began to draw the envious eye of his lord father’s wife. Not an evil woman at heart, her concerns over matters of inheritance following the birth of her own son – as well as, perhaps, a touch of envy for her husband’s lost first love – would slowly bring her and her step-son into animosity over the years.

Following his father’s tragic death when he was 14, Allard’s younger half-brother Walfield assumed his title. Murmurs were inevitable, however, over the appointment of one so young to a position of such responsibility, and some even openly wondered whether the older son – he who bore his father’s name – should not be appointed in young Walfield’s stead. Although Allard had no such ambition, these rumours were all it took to turn his step-mother against him once and for all. Acting through her young son, she cast Allard to the fringes first of the family, then of court, and finally of society, spreading whispers of usurpation and playing on paranoia stoked by recent tension with the neighbouring elvish communities in the Valiant. Within the year, Allard was stealing to survive, an outcast on the edge of the village, ragged and mistrusted by those he once called friends, who saw him now as a thief and a half-breed. Following an encounter in an alley late one night, which left him with a deep gash across his jaw, Allard saw no choice – for himself, or for his former friends – but for him to leave. He stole a horse and 3 days supplies, and rode off into the night.

He had taken his first life that night.

Eventually, after many week’s travel, Allard found himself in the nearby city of Raelheim, where he eked out a living as a petty thief for several years. Picking pockets through the days, taking more substantial jobs when he could, and killing only when he had to, Allard resented every day which he survived by praying on and causing misfortune in the lives of others. His luck changed – finally – the day he spied a violin through the window of a home in the city’s merchant district. Bereft of joy for so long, Allard returned later that evening and, with a whispered apology into the night, took it for himself. Soon, however, he found that a talent for music was a far less risky way to make coin than simply taking it, and the attentions of a wandering troupe of performers bought him a ticket away from the city where his criminal ties would have forever held him down. For the first time in a long time, Allard slept.

Having developed his skills as a bard in the years since, Allard came to serve as an agent of the world government through his desire to repent for the sins he committed in those dark years in Raelheim, and to fight for the order his father stood for. Although he has left his home behind, he holds the signet ring of his family as his most prized possession, and will call on all his skills – and do whatever it takes – to serve as an agent to the best of his ability.

Allard Spencer Harding Preston de Novo Mansfield-Rylan IV

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