Istorvir Drake

Drow Ex-Slaver


Chaotic Neutral Drow Ranger


Born in the Underdark, Istorvir seemed to have no purpose. Not particularly strong, pious or gifted in the arcane arts he was considered of no use for drow society. Thankfully his parents didn’t sell him into slavery. He was simply made an outcast in drow society, doomed to desperately serve in an effort to earn his keep. He taught himself to use a bow so he could work as a mercenary.

Istorvir had survived in the Underdark for almost a century before he saw the outside world. It stung his eyes to look at the brightness, but he liked it. The wildlife was nowhere near as dangerous and a lot less repugnant. Eventually he would get a job as something of a border guard. An Alliance was forged between those of the Under Dark Compact and the surface dwellers so there was a surprising amount of traffic going back and forth. They must be mad to want to go down there.

On his long laborious shifts Istorvir would often wonder what else this strange place had to offer. He’d heard tales from the slavers that the land weather and peoples varied greatly. This curiosity would lead him to eventually join a group of Slavers that thanks to the Dark Tax could carry out their work with little fear of repercussions.

He carried out several… well dozens of raids with the group. The income was good and part of him quite liked the sense of comradery he felt with the other raiders. He just kept watch while the slavers made camp. Upon reflection, it just highlights the kind of life one can look forward to in the Underdark. While he didn’t agree with slavery he convinced himself it was fine because he never technically helped with the raids. However, over time he came to find himself agreeing with the other drow that it was the fate of the surface races to serve. It never sat quite right but he would reiterate their rhetoric.

One night while their raiding party made camp Istorvir woke up to take his shift on watch. He made his patrol and heard something coming from the slaves. Making his way over he saw that someone had snuck in to free the slaves. Istorvir marched over and grabbed the would-be hero. It was a small human child. He pulled him up by the scruff of his collar and brought the boy to his eye level without saying a word.

The boy only let out a squeak before glaring at Istorvir. He was somewhat taken aback at the boy. He was clearly scared, but his eyes, they were consumed by discust and anger at the monster before him. And that’s what he was. A monster. Istorvir looked at the people in shackles and for the first time considered them as such. He thought of what kind of lives they had before he and the raiders arrived and what lives awaited them in the Underdark.

With greater resolve than he’d felt in years he put the boy down and motioned for him to be quiet while he got the key. As Istorvir crept towards the rest of the slavers his mind was racing. Firstly, he was going to break the law by freeing slaves, which was pretty messed up when he thought about it. But more importantly he was going to have to kill his friends to save the slaves. He knew that if he simply let the slaves go, nothing would be solved. Istorvir would be killed and they’d simply be recaptured.

This had to be done. It was the only thing to do. One by one he made his way around the other slavers and killed them in their sleep. A few struggled but thankfully it didn’t rouse the others from their slumber. Once they were all dead Istorvir returned he found the boy still frantically trying to free the others. Istorvir handed over the key and kept watch while the boy released the prisoners.

The expressions of relief and gratitude on the now free people were incredibly foreign to Istorvir. A job well done was usually rewarded with pay and a grumble. Never a smile and thanks. But now they were actually being nice. Well… others were still furious with him for facilitating the slavers, what with keeping watch and helping make camp.

Either way whatever the responses Istorvir knew his purpose. He’d put an end to this abominable trade. Although he couldn’t do that while it was the law. And while he was an outlaw. This was going to be really difficult. Maybe put it on the backburner and just find a job for now…

Istorvir Drake

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