Zillaena Hass

Lawful Evil Drow Warlock


Zillaena is the second-born of House Hass, a slight from which she has never recovered. A family of clerics devoted to Lolth, they should have been amongst the elite of Drow society but repeated political missteps had kept them confined to the anonymity of the middle-classes: true nobility just out of reach and only one step away from the gutter. Life in the Underdark tended to be nasty, brutish and short but Zillaena had learned how to get by: trust no one. The surface races consider the Drow to be untrusting and paranoid but even amongst her kind Zillaena stood out: her sister mocked her relentlessly, saying that she must think even the walls of the Underdark were out to get her (Zillaena simply took this as confirmation that her sister had spies, or traps, or both! in the very corridors she walked).

Inducted as a Cleric of Lolth, her devotion knew no equal, not even her elder sister Akorna could match her prowess. She began to have visions – a gift from Lolth, surely, a reward for her piety – but what did they mean? A beautiful, copper-scaled moth? The spider-queen would never take such a form…but if not her, then who? She revealed herself as Glasya, an Archdevil of Hell and she spoke of things that Zillaena had always known to be true though had never dared to admit before. But was this some sort of trick from her fellow acolytes? Was her devotion to Lolth being tested? Would she be cast out and skinned as a heretic? Glasya was persistent however, and the moth would return every time Zillaena entered the Trance, whispering in her ear.

Zillaena was willing to take the risk that this was no test, and she had indeed been chosen. Lolth and her followers may be powerful but they struck out wildly, their actions lacking in forethought; their hatred of surface dwellers overwhelmed them to the point where they could never reclaim their rightful territories. Glasya spoke of another way. Of corruption, the long-game, using your enemies power against them.

Zillaena knew she had to leave the Underdark. Rumours had begun to spread (she was sure of it) that she was no longer sworn only to Lolth. Glasya required new devotees and the surface was ripe with potential. In the dead of night, she fled her family home, her temple, faith and everything she had known for the new lands above. Her mistress had left her but one simple directives, for now: developing her understanding of Glasya’s gracious gifts.

She wondered if she could ever acclimatise to the oppressive brightness up here. She knew other Drow had come before her, but how did they cope with that hateful globe nearly blinding them? Fortunately she had been able to bring a reasonable amount of gold with her and she purchased a hat that shaded her eyes just enough to make daylight travel bearable. Without any other instructions, she decided to head for Bayalela, the Empire’s capital, as she reckoned this would be as good a starting point as any when Glasya eventually called on her again.

Idleness did not suit her well, especially when everywhere she looked she was surrounded by filth – “High” Elves, Humans, Orcs – and so she inquired at the nearest office of The Observers. She reasoned that ingratiating herself with government was an ideal position from which to spread the good word of Glasya and perform further tasks when the time comes. If the price for this position is the constant taste of vomit in her throat from being in such close quarters with lesser races, then so be it.

Zillaena Hass

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