The World has many empires that warred with each other for years with no real advancement on any side with many of the leaders of these people being so powerful that they had not moved on or had instilled a way of thinking that was hard to break out of.  They warred for years until a group of similar minded lawful dragons and others within each society agreed that there needs to be order they forgave there inherently evil and good characteristics in favor of order that allowed for a more diplomatic time.  This was no easy task and took many years of careful planning and manipulation to even bring an end to outright hostility let alone any form of negation. Over time a tenuous peace was obtained as more of the greater empires came into agreement those that where outright opposed saw a shifting of power that they could not counter. It quickly became an adapt or die situation for many of the empires leaders, which most did. However, there are still some old wounds and differences in culture that lead to disputes and conflicts. Whilst all of the empires have extreme power within their own land there are very strict rules on inter empire interaction such that people from one land cannot immigrate to new lands under harsh punishments.

In the most central section of land the capital city of Bayalela a city which is huge and sprawling capital of white spires which dragons and aarakocra fly to and from and dark underpasses for drow and undead.  It is the home of grand council which is the arena in which representative of each empire debate on matter of sovereignty and disputes however before anything is brought before the council it must first be investigated by the commission for the investigation of empires actions that are deemed negative to order which has been given the nickname Observer.  This organization main function is to obtain evidence of empires infringing on other nations people or territory and whether it has a negative impact. If it is a small event then the observer’s agents, called Empire Hunters by the common folk, are expected to rectify the situation and make reports. If the event is large scale or leads to some form of conspiracy or has an any form of legitimacy linked to them then they are to bring all findings to the main observer council which will send more investigations to confirm this. Once conformed the observer council then present the information to the grand council for discussion and punishment. This can lead to a slow process of law in large cases but also swift justice in minor ones.

The main empire in the alliance are the Fey Courts, The Under Dark Compact, The Ziggurat, the Dwarven Kings , the Valiant,  The Orc Tribes and The Ocean Lords.  With a few none council worthy sub groups such as The Purebloods, The Goblin Trading Company, The infernal cabal and a few others that have arisen in times of peace.  The alliances these nations hold are strenuous at best and are only truly kept in check by the observer and the empire hunters the alliance deploys. Whether this is preventing village disputes or checking on spending in the empire they look for anything that could be consider harmful to both the law and the peace.


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